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18-Jul-2017 20:17

However, unfortunately the Laravel session store does not expose this method but instead implements a migrate() method.

This method does not take a session ID, but instead offers to destroy the current session.

And this can actually decrease the application performance.

So, we can advantage of the "Output Caching" that avoids executing database queries each time the user invokes the controller method.

Hi there I'm having a problem with the cache invalidation on our dispatcher server.

When I change the cropping of an image in one of our pages and then activate it, the image won't show the new cropped style on the website.

If your Web application contains large files such as images and multimedia files, enabling disk-based caching improves page delivery time because the cache stores files on the front-end Web server, thus reducing database traffic.

You can enable disk-based caching in the web.config file in the Web application to which you want to apply it.

However, this approach has some significant performance limitations when you have a large list of potential options.When When you want to invalidate the log-in sessions simply fetch this cached array.I will leave this part as an exercise to the reader. The Laravel session providers themselves implement a very suitable destroy method that takes a session ID.I then copy out the packets into some linked list containers that I have before returning the BDs to the hardware.

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My problem is that when I go to read the data that the BD points to, the cached data is wrong, so I invalidate it.When a user makes changes within a Web page, the speed of your application's response affects that user's perception of your application's performance.

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