Dating a aquarius woman

27-Oct-2017 16:10

Some such adventures to have with this sign could include watching a documentary, checking out a museum, spending an entire afternoon at a bookstore, going to a park to stare at the clouds while having a philosophical discussion and/or travelling abroad, to name a few.

The Aquarius is a terrific problem solver—if the problem is something that needs a rational solution.

If you’re an Aquarius woman and you’re in the singles market, listen up.

Nine times out of ten, the reason why you’re feeling some level of frustration or total frustration with dating has nothing to do with what your dates do.

Guys don’t like to interviewed like on a job interview. Guys don’t like to be judged from head to toe like they are a piece of property or piece of meat. In other words, it must be a communication between two people where they are letting each other know more about their personalities and about their dreams and hopes. Instead, appreciate him, analyze him and criticize him based on who he really is.

The one trait of personality perhaps which makes an Aquarius stand out from the crowd is a keen, inquiring mind.

They are interested in getting into the heart of everything and knowing how it works.

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