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19-Nov-2017 21:17

This show was created to help you overcome and conquer life's greatest challenges!

Some of our past guests include: International Bestselling Author Robert Greene, Billion-Dollar Business Creator & Shark Tank Member Kevin Harrington, World-Renowned Life Coach Dr.

The core promotional activities of the organization include a daily radio broadcast by its president Jim Daly and his colleagues, providing free resources according to Focus on the Family views, and publishing magazines, videos, and audio recordings.

The organization also produces programs for targeted audiences, such as Adventures in Odyssey for children, dramas, and Family Minute.

To help you learn about sex addiction, we suggest these links: I usually don't encourage women to stay with boyfriends who are sex addicts.

We receive many heart-breaking emails from people in various stages of marriage breakup over porn addiction.

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Helping people break sex addiction is spiritual warfare, and you need to be adequately equipped!

Sean Stephenson, Mixed Martial Arts & UFC Superstar Rich Franklin, the World’s Best Online Business Marketer Neil Patel, and New York Times Bestselling Author & Self-Help Legend Dan Millman!