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Jigga was accompanied by an armed bodyguard who looks like he shoots first and asks questions later.If you were wondering if biracial actress Persia White has aged badly, due to lack of Melanin in her skin — she hasn’t."We have found a rare and precious thing; true love.PW: My dream date would be to hop on a plane and go to Europe. It’s made from “wheat gluten” ...there are so many options now which makes being a Vegan much easier. I try to map things out so that I don’t become tattoo crazy.

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"I was waiting for this moment to break it to you," the actor joked. "I'm not going to go into specific detail," the British TV star said on the red carpet, "but I tried to be romantic.

In the modern era studios rely on only a small number of big budget blockbusters to make the majority of their profits and are reluctant to take risks on casting unknown ethnic minority actors.

Chon Noriega, a professor of cinema at UCLA, said: "It's what has become habitual practice.

The 32-year-old actor has been dating Phobe Tonkin of Originals fame since around September 2013.

Candice Accola married Joe King of indie rock band 'The Fray' on October 18 2014 in New Orleans.There must be something in the air around Atlanta, Georgia (where both [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and [The Originals](series:833141) are filmed) because romance often seems to blossom there!

Q: My boyfriend says that it’s too early in our relationship to start praying together. A: I think that there are couples who pray together on the first date, and every time after that.… continue reading »

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Full Story (Memo to Duana: THEY FILMED THIS IN IRELAND) She’s Irish, you see. Anyway, Misfits cast photos are not a weekly occurrence. Full Story Last night at the NY screening of Easy Virtue – Jessica Biel propped up her Shelf Ass hard to promote her movie alongside Ben Barnes and Colin Firth. Full Story Noel Coward’s Easy Virtue is being adapted into a major motion picture. … continue reading »

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