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15-Aug-2017 19:28

Mastering the Tension Loop gives you the kind of power over women that, at first, might scare you.But if you’re thinking that this is what I wanted to share with you, you’re wrong. In a minute, you’re going to learn a special type of Tension Loop I call “Push-Pull.” What I’m about to reveal is Jedi mind shit. And you don’t have to become Darth Vader to reap the benefits of Push-Pull.(and) which techniques in the system worked well for me.Well the good news is that in two months we will be getting married.Before I get into giving you technology to outdo (and do) women at their own game, ask yourself these questions: This is called flaking.And any dude who has experienced this more than a couple of times can smell its imminent arrival even as he’s asking out a girl.Women can’t afford to act instinctively interested as it would result them being taken for granted for granted by their boyfriends. Well, breathing the same air as Da Playa, the resident pickup artist of Mens XP is bound to affect my perception of women and soon enough I was able to see through hazy maze of dating.T he artifice of disinterested desire is a perfect ploy (playing the devil’s advocate here) but and I used to loathe the effect it had on me. Like Neo, I can see through the Matrix of chick psychology, pre-empt it, and turn it around on them.

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Read this article, and then decide if this is for you, or not. But even though only 100 have got access to the system, some have achieved pretty awesome results already for themselves: I was interested in a girl I had been pursuing with no luck, and when Derek asked me if I'd like to test out Seduction On Steroids, I jumped at the opportunity.

We only started dating in January and will be getting married this August. Another cool thing about the strategies in Seduction On Steroids is that they are "evergreen"…

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