Who has chelsea hobbs dating

20-Oct-2017 11:10

We have no record of her past relationships and dating history.

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So to prep for the big event, Seventeen sat down with Ayla Kell, who plays Payson on the show, to talk about all things love, life, and leotards! It's hard, though, especially if all your friends are dating someone…AK: Here's my viewpoint: Having a boyfriend, yes, it can be a great thing. She has also appeared in Lifetime films such as The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker alongside Sara Paxton.In 2008, Hobbs landed the leading role in the movie Confessions of a Go-Go Girl as Jane Mc Coy, a recent college graduate, who decides to scrap her plans for law school to pursue an acting career full-time, against her parents' wishes.But focusing on your future is so much more important.

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The "Be Our Guest" sequence, for example, was filmed over the course of a month.In 2009, Hobbs was cast in the role of Emily Kmetko, an aspiring Olympic gymnast from the wrong side of the tracks, in ABC Family's Make It or Break It.